Saturday, April 21, 2012

'Girls' and diversity

On a somewhat lighter note, the recent premier of 'Girls' on HBO has come under a fair amount of criticism for the lack of diversity in its main cast. I watched the premier, and thought it was pretty funny, but the criticism did get me thinking about the diversity of my own circle of friends. If I randomly chose 3 of my friends to start a sitcom, how diverse would they be? Since I'm in the middle of planning a wedding, I've been put in the awkward position of coming up with an "A" list of friends, so why not use this data to figure out how diverse my friends are? Of the 49 people on the list (I threw the bride to be in there as well, just for good measure), I scored each with a 1 or 0, based on my best guess on whether they self identified as white. Turns out 27% of the guests on my list are non-white. If I'm randomly choosing  3 friends for my sitcom (with replacement, and ignoring sex), this should follow a hypergeometric distribution. Randomly choosing from my guest list, I'll have an all white cast about 36% of the time.  

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